Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions
These general terms and conditions apply to all purchases of products sold by H.Blom Engineering (Placer Gotland AB). H.Blom Engineering reserves for typos both on the website and in printed brochures / advertisements.
Ordering procedure
Products are ordered for H.Blom Engineering via our website. Upon receipt of the order, H.Blom Engineering has the right to reject your order, however, the order is binding on you as a customer. H.Blom Engineering can not guarantee that the goods you have ordered are in stock and / or can be delivered within a certain time, H.Blom Engineering also reserves the right to final sale of Products.
Cancellations can be made by email until the delivery date, H.Blom Engineering sends confirmation of when a cancellation is received.

H.Blom Engineering uses the following payment methods
Card payment via Paypal for individuals and companies worldwide With PayPal card payment, the amount in your account is reserved by your bank in connection with the order being placed, H.Blom Engineering only debits your card when the order is sent. Reserved amount may differ from the amount charged as any discounts and sold out items affect the total amount. The minimum order value for purchases with a card is SEK 150 excluding shipping.
Payment against invoice only applies to Swedish companies that have previously granted credit with H.Blom Engineering. The credit application is made via the contact form on the website before ordering.
Payment via Direct Bank Transfer (BACS) Payment can also be sent directly to Placer Gotland ABs account.

The current price list is published on H.Blom Engineering’s website. H.Blom Engineering reserves the right to adjust prices at any time – regardless of cause and with immediate effect. The amount that was at the time of order applies.
H.Blom Engineering reserves the right to make price changes and for incorrect information on the website or in brochures / advertisements affected by technical or human errors.
Delivery terms
The products are delivered from H.Blom Engineering warehouse with the current shipping price.
The shipping cost varies depending on the weight, size and number of the products. H.Blom Engineering reserves the right to change the chosen shipping method if necessary without notifying the customer in advance. H.Blom Engineering does not subsidize shipping costs on return if the order is less than SEK 1500 after the deduction of returned goods. H.Blom Engineering runs on industry standard shipping costs.
Items marked “In stock” are available for immediate delivery
Items marked 1-2 days are under delivery and confirmed available from the supplier and can be delivered within 1-2 days
Items without marking are in delivery where we have not received confirmation from the supplier about stock status
Items marked “Temporarily out of stock” have our latest delivery information standing over delivery announced.
Items marked Order item ordered at home, Delivery time can vary between 1-2V depending on availability at supplier
In cases where the customer has unpaid invoices to H.Blom Engineering or has not redeemed previous packages, H.Blom Engineering reserves the right to stop further deliveries until payment has been made.
In the case of non-triggered packages, H.Blom Engineering charges a handling cost of SEK 250 plus shipping costs.

Backorders and partial deliveries
H.Blom Engineering applies backorders within Sweden that are sent free of charge.
H.Blom Engineering uses two different backorder systems
1: Partial delivery is applied where possible. In this case, remaining listed items are charged with the main order and the remaining listed items are sent freely, usually within 2 weeks of the main delivery. In these cases, the invoice is marked with the items sent separately.
2: For longer or uncertain delivery dates, remaining listed items are entered on backorders that are sent free of charge against invoice. Backorder remains in H.Blom Engineering system for 3 months unless otherwise agreed. In the case of backorders, the amount for the items from your card will not be charged, the full amount was only reserved by your bank.
Backorders are also binding on you as a customer and must be canceled if it is not desired.
Export sales
When selling to a customer outside Sweden, special regulations may apply in addition to these general terms and conditions. In such cases, the customer is responsible for all additional costs, such as customs, tax and other fees. The customer is also responsible for ensuring that regulatory requirements in each country are met, as well as requirements with regard to the products, such as the proposed import and sale of these.
In accordance with the Distance Purchase Act, you have a 14-day right of return. Returns must be sent to H.Blom Engineering at the customer’s expense no later than 14 days after receipt of the product. The product must be packed in its original packaging with associated packaging and with any accessories in unchanged condition. The buyer is responsible for all shipping costs according to Posten’s price list.
On upgrades, software and electrical products, the item must be in unopened packaging.
Retention of title
H.Blom Engineering reserves the right of ownership of all products until full payment for the products has been made.
All Products must be examined by you as a customer immediately upon delivery. If the wrong product has been delivered or if the product is incorrect upon delivery or defective, this must be reported to H.Blom Engineering immediately, and no later than 14 days after receipt of the product. The defective Product must then also be returned immediately to H.Blom Engineering. In the event of unannounced returns or an unreleased return slip, H.Blom Engineering reserves the right to charge a handling cost.
Transport damage must be reported directly to the transport company, not to H.Blom Engineering. Such a complaint must be made immediately upon receipt of the product. Complaints must be made directly on site to the carrier by you as a customer. Keep in mind that the product must be returned in a substantially unchanged condition, ie H.Blom Engineering is not responsible for any repair costs or replacements of products that the customer has tried to fix. In the event of a complaint, the product must be packaged in the manner required for transport to H.Blom Engineering.
If it turns out that the product is not faulty, the product will be returned to the customer, whereby the customer will have to pay for the shipping and will be charged for a handling cost.
Defects in Products that are of such a nature that they only appear after the time of delivery, these must also be reported immediately after the defect has been discovered or should have been discovered.
Do it yourself products no warranty
Other products 1 year warranty
All warranty follows the product as long as the original invoice / receipt is available
The warranty covers only original defects in material or workmanship and not normal wear and tear.
In order for the guarantee to be valid, it must be possible to present a purchase receipt / invoice. H.Blom Engineering rectifies any incorrect goods by exchanging products for similar goods or repairs, or refunding if the goods have expired. All warranties and product liability cease to apply in the customer’s own attempts at any repairs or modifications of an item.
Should any of H.Blom Engineering’s products have been used in competition, competition-like contexts (which include all types of bank driving, driver training, ice rink, etc.), the product is not covered by the guarantees.
The total cost of action for guarantee measures is a maximum of the original purchase value according to the receipt. If any of H.Blom Engineering’s products have been exposed to external damage, for example during transport, assembly or other handling, the guarantee does not apply. Assembly costs are not reimbursed.

Right of complaint
According to the Consumer Purchase Act, you as a customer have a 3-year right to make a complaint, where the burden of proof that the defect was not original lies with H.Blom Engineering during the first 6 months, after 6 months it is up to you as a customer to prove that the defect was original. To have a right of complaint, you must be the original buyer and be able to prove your purchase with a receipt / invoice.
In the event of a complaint or warranty claim, H.Blom Engineering must be contacted immediately. H.Blom Engineering does not cover any repair attempts or costs that have been incurred without H.Blom Engineering first giving its written consent. H.Blom Engineering also does not cover consequential damages that would occur after the customer continues to use a faulty product.

Measures in connection with warranty / complaint claims
Always contact H.Blom Engineering via the contact form on the website immediately when the error is discovered.
Send the product together with the complaint form to H.Blom Engineering, it is also very careful that all documentation, as well as any claims, are attached to the complaint as it is always processed according to the attached documentation. In the event of an approved complaint, the customer is replaced with a new equivalent product where possible.
In the event of a complaint about a product older than 6 months, documentation that clearly proves that the fault was original and that assembly / installation took place in a professional manner must always be attached.

Immaterial rights
All rights to trademarks, text, images, illustrations, etc. on the website belong to H.Blom Engineering or third parties. Copying of all or parts of the website may not take place. Nor may any of the intellectual property rights exposed via our website be used or copied without the written consent of the right holder.
Amendment of general terms and conditions
These general terms of sale and associated order, delivery and return terms apply until further notice. H.Blom Engineering reserves the right to change these general terms and conditions at any time.
Assembly instructions
Replacement of spare parts must always be carried out by a specialist to ensure correct installation. No assembly instructions are included with the sale and the customer is referred to the car manufacturer’s repair manuals.
For accessories, if necessary, assembly instructions are included with the product or as a link in the order confirmation.
H.Blom Engineering installation instructions should only be considered as general recommendations and may not be used as an alternative to installation by a qualified professional.

General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation from the EU that concerns how companies collect, store and handle data.
Personal data is stored by H.Blom Engineering for one year and will not be assigned to third parties unless otherwise required by law. Customer information is saved when you as a customer shop via our web shop. The purpose of storing customer information is strictly to comply with current legislation, be able to handle customers’ orders and if necessary be able to contact you as a customer regarding your orders and give you as a customer the opportunity to receive notifications regarding H.Blom Engineering. H.Blom Engineering only collects the data deemed necessary for the handling of customer orders.

General Limitation of Liability
H.Blom Engineering is not liable in any case for pure property damage, damage that has arisen as a result of the products being used in competition or competition-like contexts (which includes bank driving, driver training, slippery slope), damage that has occurred due to modification of vehicles for use of the products, use of product on vehicles not approved for the product in question, indirect damages or consequential damages attributable to the products. This means, among other things, non-limiting exemplification, that H.Blom Engineering is not responsible for loss of income, damage to person, vehicle or machinery.
H.Blom Engineering’s liability for damage is in all circumstances limited to an amount corresponding to the product’s sales price according to the current invoice. H.Blom Engineering takes no responsibility for damage or defects in the products that have occurred during transport.
H.Blom Engineering does not reimburse installation costs for the products under any circumstances – not even in the case of faulty products. The above provisions on limitation of liability do not apply to the extent that otherwise is in mandatory legislation.
Force majeure
H.Blom Engineering is not responsible for damage or delay due to law enforcement, government action, war, mobilization, requisition, seizures, currency restrictions, system failures, general shortages, lack of means of transport, errors or restrictions in deliveries from subcontractors, strikes, blockades, lockout, boycott, riot, riot, fire or other similar circumstance that either prevents or impedes H.Blom Engineering’s performance to such an extent that it can only take place at an abnormally high cost.
Interpretation of the terms
If one or more of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions are deemed invalid, illegal or unenforceable, none of the other provisions’ validity, legality or enforcement shall be affected or impaired thereby.